Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lake County Quilt Trail announces raffle winner

From the Lake County News
Written by Vicky Parish Smith

KELSEYVILLE, Calif. – Mary Secord, a longtime resident of Lakeport, won the Lake County Quilt Trail raffle.

The prize was a hand-crafted cloth quilt comprised of 13 different quilt blocks.

“I’m so pleased to be the winner of the beautiful quilt,” Secord said. “I enjoy seeing each quilt block on buildings all around the county. Each has such a good meaning.”

The quilt was designed and machine quilted by Kerrie Hershey. Quilters Nancy Carpenter, Bethany Rose, Kerrie Hershey and Patti-Cox Frankenfield hand-pieced the cloth blocks.

The quilt block names are (in order of installation) Square in a Square, Martha’s Vineyard, Big Oak Ranch Blazing Star (a variation), Peace and Plenty, Lady of the Lake, 54 40 or Fight, Rising Star, Monkey Wrench, Bear’s Paw, County Fair, Tulip Time, Ohio Star and Squash Blossom.

Lake County is the first location in California to create a quilt trail.

This past spring, with seed money from the Kelseyville Pear Festival, vibrantly colored quilt blocks inaugurated the first phase of the project.

Each block, specifically designed and painted entirely by volunteers onto 8-foot by 8-foot wooden panels, was hung on pioneer barns, pear packing sheds, winery tasting rooms, an orchard ladder manufacturing facility and even an exhibit hall on the Lake County Fairgrounds.

Each unique quilt block on the Lake County Quilt Trail was selected to connect with the history of the building, honor farming, or celebrate the family, as well as pay tribute to the generational history of beautiful quilts.

Phase two of this project is currently in production. By September 2011, another 12 quilt blocks will be added to the Lake County Quilt Trail.

Information about the Lake County Quilt Trail can be found at