Sunday, May 31, 2009

Barn Quilt News...

Over the past 10 days (or so), there have been a number of news stories or Internet posts that mention Barn Quilts.

  • Maybe even more note worthy is the Headlight-Herald story by Denise Porter from Tillamook County, Oregon: From farm to fabric: quilt trail celebrates heritage. This is the story of the first Quilt Block in phase one of the Tillamook County Quilt Trail Coalition, and it will hang on the Chamber of Commerce building.

  • The Lake Area Quilters' Guild from Clear Lake, Iowa, will hold their June meeting on Thursday, June 4th, at 7:00 PM in the community room of the Clear Lake City Hall. Pam Hanson will present the June program on barn quilts. She will actually walk the group through making a barn quilt. I would guess that you should contact the Guild if you would like to attend as a guest. Their blog is: .

  • The story "Mason County Quilt Trail has something for everyone", in the Charleston Gazette is interesting, but I have not been able to find a web presence. This is West Virgina's first Quilt Trail, and the contact is listed as Mason County Tourism Center at 304-675-678

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A great trip...

I have returned! It was just 10 days ago that my son received his learner's permit. One of the reasons for taking a road trip was to let him get some experience behind the wheel. There was a lot of driving to be done, and it was mainly confined to blue highways and back roads. There will be plenty of time to practice driving in the city later. We were actually only gone for five days, but it seemed much longer.

This trip that was not singularly dedicated to finding Barn Quilts, but it did make for some interesting decisions along the way. We skipped by many Barn Quilts, found (almost) all that we were looking for, discovered a few we didn't know about, and got pictures of most of the ones we saw. We met some interesting folks along the way, and I came back with a somewhat different perspective of what I call the Barn Quilt Art Movement.

I am uploading many of the pictures that I took this past week in my sister site, the social networking site Please feel free to comment (good or bad), or if you have questions... I will be identifying the names and locations of these Quilt Blocks as I go along, but there is not enough time right now. There were many images that I choose not to post because they were different shots of the same subject. I will likely slip a few into my blog in the next few weeks, along with pertinent comments.

I have subjects to discuss such as the availability of maps, retirement or refreshing existing Quilt Blocks and the many different reasons for the Barn Quilts in your community. Join in the discussions and ask your friends join in too. I have a few stories to share but the story is really about you, your neighbors and the friendly folks who enjoy sharing these gifts. Celibrate life!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


The stars have aligned themselves for me... calling for a road trip. Today, my son is taking his last high school exam of his freshman year, and we have decided to take a few days to just go... looking for Barn Quilts.

We are off to Tennessee, then Kentucky... maybe to Ohio. I don't think anyone noticed that there are a few dead links on my sidebar that are located in Tennessee. I may discover why. I will return early next week. If I am able to post anything from the road, I will.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love your mother...

Here is a sweet story from Morgan County, Co...

Deb Horan was completely surprised when she received her barn quilt for Mother's Day. Her daughters had tricked her into picking her favorite patterns so they could supposedly make a quilt pillow for their grandmother for Christmas. Grandma was in on the deal too and had the arts council paint this quilt for her daughter. Deb said that now they need to paint their shed before they can put up their barn quilt. One thing always leads to another!The pattern is "Stars with Flair" and is a 2' quilt.

If you want to see the Quilt Block, go to:

makin' plans

I noticed that Dayton Ohio has a special 4th of July planned. They throw a big party in town every year and...

go to

The material culture quilt exhibition, Threads of Evidence, is pleased to have Appalachian quilter Maxine Groves as a participating artist. Maxine is from Manchester in Adams County, the part of Appalachian Ohio that borders Kentucky in southeast Ohio. Maxine’s daughter, Donna Sue Groves, will accompany her mother and participate as a presenter, sharing her story of the Ohio Quilt Barn Trail, now the National Quilt Barn Trail, a project she long ago envisioned to honor her mother.

They also have some wonderful free music.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Barn Quilt News...

I often get notices of happenings from around the country, and it is always fun to see what is going on in the world of Barn Quilts. Here is a sample...

April 2009: Arts Council plans social to celebrate Avery Quilt Trail participants; Quilt Trail Social May 2 1- 3 pm

Avery Arts Council Board of Directors and the Quilt Trail Committee are shining the spotlight on Quilt Trail owners throughout Avery County. They are inviting all owners and their families to a party celebrating the ongoing success of the Avery Quilt Trail.

With the help of residents just like you it’s possible to take a journey of mountain heritage by driving through Western North Carolina’s Quilt Trail. Along the Avery County Quilt Trail you will spot the beautiful, intricate designs of quilt patterns displayed on 32 barns and buildings with more in production. Neighboring Mitchell and Yancey counties also boast active Quilt Trails. The history of these exceptional art pieces stems from Adams County, Ohio with a promise from daughter Donna Sue Groves to her mother Maxine that she would one day paint a quilt square on their old tobacco barn. The Quilt Trail project has since taken flight across the United States, acting as a catalyst in some regions for increased tourism and fostering community pride. Avery Arts Council members want to show their appreciation to families around the area who have helped to make this project successful.

The Avery Quilt Trail continues to grow. People are still coming forward to put the spectacular, personalized designs on their property. Maps are available for tours of the squares. The social will take place on May 2, 2009 between 1:00-3:00 pm at the Cheese House Art Gallery, 630 Shawneehaw Avenue, Banner Elk. Light refreshments will be served. So come on down! We’d love to hear stories about your personal Quilt Square, the people you’ve met and the stories they’ve shared.

and then there is...

Green Edge Gardens of Amesville, Ohio

Athens Hills CSA
Nestled in the hills of Athens County, lies a 120 acre farm - the home of Green Edge Organic Gardens & the Athens Hills CSA. CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a way for you to have a direct relationship with the farmer who grows your food. It is a great way to support your local economy, the sustainability of our area, and for you to receive delicious, nutritious, organic vegetables at the height of their growing season.

(and they do have their own Barn Quilt)

from the Point Pleasant Register, by Hope Roush

New quilt square design unveiled

POINT PLEASANT, WV — Now that the weather is warmer, the area will begin to take on an even more colorful appearance with the addition of new squares along the Mason County Quilt Trail.

The newest quilt square, which features a belt buckle design, is the first square to go up this year and was built and painted by students at the Mason County Career Center.

According to Denny Bellamy, chairman of the Mason County Convention and Visitors Bureau, the students are making all the county’s quilt squares. He described this as a way for students to become involved in the community.

The Mason County Quilt Trail program unveiled its first official square last summer and now includes numerous pieces located throughout the county. Quilt squares can be seen at public facilities such as the tourism center and the West Virginia State Farm Museum. Quilt squares also are located on several private properties in the area.

The quilt trail eventually will be divided into four driving trails and one walking trail through downtown Point Pleasant. Each area will have a designated theme in order to weave a common bond through the trail. The project will showcase the cultural and historical significance of the county and highlight the beauty and scenery in the area.

Featured quilt square designs include the Douglas Star on Douglass’ Farm in Leon, which was set aside for all the ladies of West Virginia and Appalachia that helped the family farms exist and grow through time. Tim-Rock Dairy, located north of Point Pleasant on W.Va. 62, features a quilt square with the Milky Way design.

Additional designs include the tourism center’s pineapple quilt square, which means “welcome.” Quilt squares also are located at Chuck Lanier’s house and the Yaugers’ Farm, which can be seen along U.S. 35 in Southside.


And found in the "it never hurts to ask" department (from

Barn Quilts of Sioux County gets grants

ORANGE CITY, Iowa -- The Barn Quilts of Sioux County has received two grants to help with their work.

The Fund for Siouxland has provided a grant for the purchase of signboard for three barn quilts. Diamond Vogel Paint and Keep Iowa Beautiful awarded 30 gallons of Diamond Vogel primer and paint as part of the "Paint Iowa Beautiful'' program. The program provides free paint to a variety of public-service projects in the state.

The Sioux County Extension office has played a vital role with Barn Quilts by supporting the organization. Early donations by the Farm Bureau Federation and the Hawarden Area Arts Council helped purchase computer quilting software and materials for the first barn quilt.