Monday, June 2, 2008

Follow the quilt barn trails @ CSM

I read a story today about Quilt Barns on the Christian Science Monitor. Their web address is The name of the article is: Follow the quilt barn trails, Quilt barn paintings make public art accessible to rural communities – and tourists.; By Jim Winnerman Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor from the June 2, 2008 edition. Now I wasn't going to copy this article (I have gotten good at copy and paste at work), but they have this little button that I can click on that says: Republish. So, I click on that and I am told that I can re-publish this article on the internet for 30 days, for just $40.00. Thanks but no thanks. I am more than happy to share the link to the CSM Webpage. I shouldn't get in trouble for that ;-)

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