Monday, August 25, 2008

McIntosh Star

My descriptions are not ment to replace images... I do not want to copy images (without permission), that may have copyrights even if fair use rules apply. Therefore, look to follow the embedded links that I try to provide.

Inside the back cover of the September '08, "Our State" magazine [Tar Heel Images] is an image of a man making repairs to, or re-painting a large red barn. This is the McIntosh Barn on the western edge of Burnsville, NC. There is displayed an 8' x 8' quilt block appropriately named the "McIntosh Star". My wife showed me the picture with the caption of "you can paint till the cows come home..." and asked why there was not a mention of the very prominate Barn Quilt ?

The family story, and another picture of the McIntosh Star, is provided on the Quilt Trails of Western North Carolina website. Visit the map for Mitchell & Yancey Counties, and look for the McIntosh Star listed as #13.

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