Saturday, February 28, 2009

Everyone has one...

Everyone has an opinion, and I would love to get some feedback. That is the way that I learn what works (from a photgraphic or artistic perspective), and what does not. Below, I have posted five pictures that were taken of two Barn Quilts last weekend. Each shot is a little different, and everyone will have a favorite, or less favorite angle. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

These barns are near Newland, in Avery County, NC. The owner is Dr. Carter Wiseman, and the artist is Heidi Fisher. The Quilt Blocks are named C. Wiseman's Windwheel and Spizorinktum. If you want to see Spizorinktum being painted, go to


eagleeyes said...

Ok, I'll be brave and give you a few comments.

The top photo, I really like the leading lines of the road. Draws your eye right to the barn. Too, I wonder, what is just around the corner? Or, if I'm not paying attention to my driving... will I just careen off the road into the front of the barn.

Next photo, very nice, but an expected sort of composition. It follows the rule of thirds but the barn is creeping toward center.

I really like the two close ups of the barn quilts. Only thing you might have changed, the quilts are pretty much dead center in the photo. Dead center is supposedly a big no-no. LOL

The bottom photo of the overlapping barns, I really like it! Gives you a sense that these two barns are beside each other not miles apart.

There ya go... my humble opinion. I especially like the road photo and the two barns.

Too, thanks for having the link to the Morgan County Colorado barn quilts on your blog. We get lots of hits because of that.

heidi said...

Really like the pic with barns overlapping. I've seen very few pics with both barns in the scene.
Nice photos of my work.
Best, Heidi