Thursday, March 26, 2009

From coast-to-coast there seems to be something in the wind. I am adding these two new sites to my Barn Quilt Memories side bar of active Barn Quilt sites. The URLs may need to be changed as these efforts are brought to fruition...

Dateline Tillamook, Oregon

from the pages of the Tillamook Headlight-Herald (3/17/2009)

Denise Porter
Headlight-Herald Staff

Imagine a treasure hunt across Tillamook County's pastoral countryside. A treasure hunt that brings in tourist dollars for local merchants while highlighting this area's arts and agriculture.

Taking a cue from similar projects in the Midwest, members of the Tillamook County Quilt Trail (TCQT) coalition envision 15 old Tillamook County barns, plus other "buildings of character," sporting vibrantly painted 8-foot by 8-foot quilt blocks. They see tourists armed with a driving map following a "quilt trail," stopping at each site to take a photo of the mounted quilt block.

The guide map would point out each building's historical significance, as well as nearby attractions and amenities.

"From the first idea until now, there's been nothing but positive reaction," said Betty Rolston, a board member of Latimer Quilt and Textile Center and a TCQT committee co-chair.

"The amount of enthusiasm has been overwhelming," added Suzanne Weber, a member of the Tillamook City Council and Rolston's co-chair.

Committee member Carol Marie Leuthold said the quilt-trail coalition is a group of citizens representing several area organizations "working as a collective entity. Rural communities flourish by choice," she added. "This is great for Tillamook."

and all the way from the Garden State of New Jersey

The Barn Quilt Project

The Barn Quilt Project in New Jersey is a new project coordinated by volunteers of the New Jersey Museum of Agriculture. This project is designed to celebrate New Jersey’s agricultural heritage, highlighting farms across the state with beautiful quilt blocks. These barn quilts will draw attention to the unique architecture and history of New Jersey Barns and other agriculture related buildings, promote the education of the general public about New Jersey’s strong Agriculture legacy.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Barn Quilt Association of New Jersey is to provide a sustainable heritage tourism attraction/activity while preserving and celebrating the unique agriculture, history, and arts culture of our area through visual combinations of barns and quilt designs, to educate the public and showcase our Garden State.

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