Monday, November 2, 2009

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I have been spending much of my time dealing with family issues, but continue to search for Barn Quilt (Quilt Barn, Quilt Trail), news...

This coming Saturday (November 7), the Quilt Trails of Western North Carolina will sponser it's first Quilt Trail Road Rally. The object is to connect 15 Barn Quilts with the least mileage. Proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.

Truman, Minnesota (Martin County), repotedly has a Quilt Trail, but I am not sure how many there are, or if a map is available.

The Wardsville (Ontario, Canada) Community Association has plans for a Quilt Trail, but there does not seem to be one yet.

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Suzi Parron said...

Hi Bruce,

I have been making calls on these--I get the same news items but am obligated to follow up on them, of course.

Truman has 7 right now.

Wardsville is doing an amazing project--a one of a kind that ties into their local history. Great stuff.

Hope life is treating you well.