Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lewis, Iowa

The town of Lewis, Iowa is a quiet community located on a hill top overlooking the Nishnabotna River Valley and the Lewis Cold Springs Lake. A population of 444 people enjoy a rural location with a rich historical background, surrounded by abundant agricultural endeavors and a vibrant community organization. Active church groups, a great school district and goals to improve the looks, pride and housing in the area make for continuing motivation for a thriving environment.

They currently have over 30 Barn Quilts in Lewis... with only 444 people living in 0.5 Square Miles! I have not found a Cass County Barn Quilt Trail, but if you get to Lewis I don't think you will have trouble spotting one. Check their website at:


Mary Simpson said...

Hi, I'm working with Denise on the George Ward Barn Quilt project in Wardsville, Ontario. I am also planning a road trip to California with my husband. So I am busy googling and making my own Google Map of all the places we are interested in visiting.

For those of you working on the mapping and promotion of your Barn quilt trails, get busy and learn how to create your own public google maps. For instance, I looked up Lewis, Iowa on google map, but there are no pictures posted and there is no google route map. If there was one, I would be able to save the route map to my saved maps and I'd be all set.

I did find a .pdf for the Sac County Iowa Barn Quilt Route Map but it printed poorly and I'll have a hard time navigating with it. Luckily, a trucker from our community brought back the beautifully published Sac County map and I know it exists and will look for it when we are on the road.

The moral of this story is: use web-based tools to assist with navigation and helping people find the barn quilts. They are universally available and cost a whole lot less than those beautiful published maps.

Can't wait to get on the road!

Mary Simpson said...

I've saved your blog (tho' I better get the bookmark saved to the right computer) as the Barn Quilt web-site list does the trick. As long as I print all the .pdfs and critical information before we leave.

The computer is a wonderful tool for armchair travelling. Often I don't have time to prepare for trips ahead of time, but this time I'm doing my homework. Thanks for your help.