Monday, May 10, 2010

Lake County, CA

Just south of Clear lake, California is the community of Kelseyville. Proud home to the Kelseyville Pear Festival, and the recently organized Lake County Quilt Trail - the very first in the state of California!


Anonymous said...
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Suzi Parron said...

Hi there,

I just want to mention that the California trail was started by someone from CA who visited the storytelling festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee, and saw the quilt trail there. They then contacted Roy Settle, who coordinates the quilt trail in that part of TN for information on how to get started.

How cool is that? There are dozens of trails betwenn TN and CA, but TN was where the spark happened. That's part of what makes this whole thing so amazing--people from across the country sharing their ideas and advice!

chimereatsea said...

Hi, Suzi,
Marilyn Holdenried, the founder of the Kelseyville Pear Festival, is the driving force behind the Lake County Quilt Trail, the first in CA.

The Quilt Committe is creating quilt patches as we speak, and by the 18th Annual Festival (9/25/2010), we will have installed about 15 - all with no solicitation! What a wonderful community project - especially in this rural agricultural area of CA.

Thank you for mentioning the Lake County Quilt Trail. Is your book complete and available for purchase? I am interested.
Vicky Parish Smith
Kelseyville Pear Festival, PR