Saturday, April 19, 2008

Committed, or should be

Today there is a rather significant change occurring in my life... how I see myself, and how others see me. After posting my first entry on this blog just two days ago, I received a phone call, resulting in an offer to purchase a piece of property affectionately known to me as the farm. I have accepted. Partially to help fund my efforts at starting a real business enterprise centered on the Barn Quilt idea (and for a multitude of other reasons), I have decided to sell the farm. I could talk for days about the 10 acres that I own, and the 15 years of hard work getting it into shape. There were the quiet meditative hours, and drone of the mower, the freezing cold and the burning summer sun. The farm has been a jewel in my life, that in many ways defined who I was. This is a turning point for me. I accept this challenge. This is an opportunity to chase a dream that I have been planning and working toward for some time. How I got here, and where I am going, will be the story unfolding...

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