Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lots more to do!


I wish that I had the time, or felt as if I have the time to sit down every day to post a few thoughts here. I have started removing items from the farm, and I am also getting the legal contracts drawn to sell the farm while the grantee gets a title search done.... This afternoon, I was on my way out to pick up my son from baseball practice, and there is a partial rainbow running right down to the farm which is about 5 miles away. It was so cool! This is when I need a camera in the truck, but not today.... I also need to do some Boy Scout treasury work, to see what kind of money we made over the weekend selling spaghetti at the church, and of course I have my own stack of bills calling me. Life is good, but very busy.... I few weeks ago I started to piece together a store on Cafepress for the Barn Quilt Project. It is far from done, but I decided to go ahead and open it ready-or-not. There will be more on the store later, but Sunday night on the way to bed I got an e-mail saying that I had sold my first item. What a great feeling! It's not time to celebrate. There is much work to do, but if you should read this post, please take a moment to visit the store (click here, or on the image above), and all opinions and suggestions are appreciated. Remember that it is a work-in-process.

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