Friday, April 3, 2009

Be careful...

Fort Morgan, Colorado, is sunny and 65 degrees this afternoon. Tomorrow they expect near blizzard conditions. If you can get out, stop by the Fort Morgan High School for the 7th Annual Spring Expo, formerly known as Morgan County Home & Garden Show. At 3:00 Saturday, Ann Iungerich is scheduled to make a presentation on how to make a barn quilt, using paint and plywood rather than fabric. The info I got says: Learn step-by-step how these delightful displays hanging throughout Morgan County are made. As best that I can tell, Fort Moragn is currently the Barn Quilt capital of the West.

They also recently posted this reminder on the Fort Morgan Area Arts Council blog

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Morgan County Area Arts Council said...

The Spring Expo was a huge success in raising the awareness of our Barn Quilt project. Even though the weather tried to dampen our efforts, we had a steady stream of people coming by both days.
As a result of our silent auction for two 4' quilts and drawing for a 2' quilt, we will now have two barn quilts going up in Wiggins, which is at the west end of Morgan county and currently have no barn quilts, and one in Roggen, which is about 20 miles west of Wiggins in Weld County. We believe the one in Roggen will be the first in Weld County Colorado. We can only guess how this may continue to grow and maybe explode.
Our coloring contest was a lot of fun and gave the kids something to do as their parents toured the Expo. The kids showed a great amount of creativity.
The workshop gave some great info to the people considering painting their own barn quilts and was actually lead by our barn quilt coordinator, Nancy Lauck.
Thanks for the plug from way over there in NC. I smiled when I read your comment on Ft. Morgan being the barn quilt capital of the west. At this point, I would agree.

Have great day!!