Thursday, May 21, 2009


The stars have aligned themselves for me... calling for a road trip. Today, my son is taking his last high school exam of his freshman year, and we have decided to take a few days to just go... looking for Barn Quilts.

We are off to Tennessee, then Kentucky... maybe to Ohio. I don't think anyone noticed that there are a few dead links on my sidebar that are located in Tennessee. I may discover why. I will return early next week. If I am able to post anything from the road, I will.

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Suzi Parron said...

Bruce, the Clinch-Powell folks reformatted their domain names thus:

You can substitute any of the missing counties for grainger, and you will get the url.

A few of the links are broken b/c those counties didn't establish a trail or are now participating through a different agency.

If you go to KY, visit Scott County if at all possible. Barn quilt heaven!!

Happy hunting!