Thursday, May 28, 2009

A great trip...

I have returned! It was just 10 days ago that my son received his learner's permit. One of the reasons for taking a road trip was to let him get some experience behind the wheel. There was a lot of driving to be done, and it was mainly confined to blue highways and back roads. There will be plenty of time to practice driving in the city later. We were actually only gone for five days, but it seemed much longer.

This trip that was not singularly dedicated to finding Barn Quilts, but it did make for some interesting decisions along the way. We skipped by many Barn Quilts, found (almost) all that we were looking for, discovered a few we didn't know about, and got pictures of most of the ones we saw. We met some interesting folks along the way, and I came back with a somewhat different perspective of what I call the Barn Quilt Art Movement.

I am uploading many of the pictures that I took this past week in my sister site, the social networking site Please feel free to comment (good or bad), or if you have questions... I will be identifying the names and locations of these Quilt Blocks as I go along, but there is not enough time right now. There were many images that I choose not to post because they were different shots of the same subject. I will likely slip a few into my blog in the next few weeks, along with pertinent comments.

I have subjects to discuss such as the availability of maps, retirement or refreshing existing Quilt Blocks and the many different reasons for the Barn Quilts in your community. Join in the discussions and ask your friends join in too. I have a few stories to share but the story is really about you, your neighbors and the friendly folks who enjoy sharing these gifts. Celibrate life!

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Morgan County Area Arts Council said...

Wow, what a "mother lode" of amazing barn quilts! Thanks for sharing them with us.
I lived in Missouri for a few years and your photos reminded me of the barns there. The barns out here in Colorado just have a different feel to them. One thing, we don't have so many trees and lots more farm ground.
Maybe you need to make a road trip to Colorado?? That would give your son PLENTY of driving time LOL