Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The Quilt Trail Gathering
May 13-14, 2011

" The Quilt Trail Gathering, May 13-14, 2011" is the only info available on the new (still under construction) website: www.quilttrailgathering.com

... as reported on October 5th, in the Georgetown, Ohio, newsdemocrat.com:

In addition to all the promotions planned for the remainder of 2010 and through 2011, Brown County Tourism is working with an Adams County family to stage an event that could potentially draw thousands to the area next spring. On May 13-14, 2011, The Brown County Department of Travel and Tourism will co-host "The Quilt Trail Gathering," organized to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the beginning of the Quilt Barn Trail.
The event will be co-hosted by Donna Sue Groves, an Adams County resident who started the quilt barn project in 2001 as a way to honor the memory of her mother. Brown County was the second to join the trail, and when it began no one could have anticipated how much interest in Quilt Barns would have grown. Over the decade Quilt Barns have generated interest across the nation, with quilt patterns now on hundreds of barns in dozens of states.

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Suzi Parron said...

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for mentioning this. I know that in addition to the celebration, there will be panel discussions that will include some of the quilt trail pioneers as well as some who are newer to the movement.

I will present a reading from my book, Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail and answering questions about my barn quilt odyssey.

Best wishes always,

Suzi Parron