Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'll be thinkin' about you...

Much is happening in my personal world, but I have also found myself with a few quiet moments to sit at the computer. Soon I will be leaving the cyber-world for a simpler world of sand, surf, shells and sea breezes. It will only be for a few days… alas, there are not barn quilts on the barrier islands of the Carolina’s (yet!). I will have to do some serious catching up here (and the day job), when I return. In the meantime, I want to leave everyone here with at least something positive to contemplate.

The Ning, social networking site (Barn Quilting), is up and running, with a few mildly interesting (forum), subjects to help start conversation. I was exploring the Ning world, and I discovered almost 40 sites that had some interest in quilting. [There is a search bar in the top right of the home page.] Many of these I will need to join (apply to join), before I am allowed to read the posts, or leave any comment. I hate being a spammer. I hope to visit most of these sites tonight, and I will consider this as leaving my calling card. Maybe I will get some interesting comments in return.

One of these Ning sites has been started by Donna Sue Groves, and it is called: National Quilt Barn Trail. If you are familiar with the history of the Barn Quilt Movement, then you already know who she is. I applaud what Ms Groves is doing, and I am certain that it is only a matter of time before there is a National Quilt Barn Trail. Hard work, organization and determination will help, yet I honestly believe that this is an inevitable step for such a great community of communities.

The other tid-bit I would like to throw out is the images that already exist on Flickr, and other image sharing sites across the web. It’s easy to search for these by typing in the words associated with Barn Quilts. I don’t have time this week to introduce myself to all of these wonderful and talented photographers, but it would be great to have someone drop a few pictures on the Barn Quilting page.

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