Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Quilter's Catalog

I love the early morning, and late afternoon sun, when the shadows are long and I have a since of actually living on a spinning orb in a vast universe. I am a morning person, so the summer sunrises for me are special. By (a little past), 6:00 in the morning, I am almost always awake. At this time of day (especially on the weekend), I am the only human that dares to stir in my neighborhood, not to mention my home. There is a symphony of songbirds (that is noticeably absent in the winter), and often a genital breeze to cool my coffee.

The morning is often a good time to sit at the computer and not be interrupted. It is also a good time for me to read, or muse on the events of the day. I am more often drawn to non-fiction books and one of the books I have enjoyed this summer is about quilting. I am not a quilter, and consider myself a newbe to the world of quilting, but know a good book when I see what’s inside.

I found this wonderful book about quilting a few months ago. After being invited to attend my nephew’s graduation from High School (I was honored to attend), I knew what sort of ceremony I was in for. I was eager to find some quiet, solitary entertainment for the time it took to read off many hundreds of names, countless introductions, awards, and speeches. Between the time that we dropped him off to get frocked and the time for us to find seats in the coliseum, my brother's family (kids in tow), and I descended upon the local Barnes & Noble. There is was… The Quilter's Catalog, a comprehensive resource guild, by Meg Cox, Workman Publishing, 2008. Current and Comprehensive!

I have rarely found a more complete compilation of history, information and current resources on any topic, than what Ms Cox offers here on quilting. There are a lot of how-to books on quilting. There are some books that list various patterns, and even some books on the history of quilting, but I would venture to say that if you quilt, then you may want to have a copy of this in the sewing room (or by the bed). It has been a joy for me, and quite educational. From hand & machine quilting, quilt shows & teachers, from beginner to expert, I think that there is something here for anyone with an interest in quilts & quilting.

Not to be critical (tho I am a critic), The Quilter's Catalog does not mention (that I could find), the Barn Quilt. For sure, Barn Quilts are not quilting! Could Barn Quilts be considered a part (a new part), of the quilt world? I am a firm believer that we will be seeing quilt blocks hung on barns and sheds from coast-to-coast (and further). I think that we all have a story connected to quilting, and that quilt blocks (traditional & new), all have a story to share.

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