Saturday, July 19, 2008

There must be a story here...

Beam me back Scotty! I have seen the mountain... actually, I have a hard time getting back down the mountain. Mostly because it is so easy to find things that I would rather be doing. Even spending hours working on fixing rental property in the mountains is preferable to mowing the grass in the 90+ degree days just a few short miles away. My wife and I share two homes. One is above 3,000 feet in the N.C. mountains, and it is where I would rather spend my summer. It is a short drive to great hiking, paddling, and yes... We even like to ride bikes in the mountains. Last week, my wife and I were working our own bike & kayak shuttle (ride bikes to where we dropped our boats, and paddle back), when I experienced my most recent Barn Quilt Moment. If anyone can identify the name or origin of the quilt block, or if you happen to know the story behind it, I would love to know.

So... meanwhile... I pick my son up from Boy Scout Camp, and he tells me it was the best camping trip ever! Well, I am not sure if I should feel insulted, but I am certainly happy for him. A week of high adventure hiking and rafting, and his two favorite jokes are: What's the difference between a catfish and a river guild? One is slimy, smells and has whiskers... the other is just a fish. Then, What does a fish say when it hits a brick wall ? Dam!

It's great to be a kid! or have one!

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