Thursday, January 7, 2010


There is news from the South. The Southern Quilt Trail which had its start in Powder Springs, Georgia, has now partnered with the Rolling Hills RC & D (Resource Conversation and Development) Council. I am told that there are now 22 Quilt Blocks in Cobb County and 5 surrounding counties (Carol, Haralson, Paulding, West Cobb, Heard) with 4 other counties (Coweta, Douglas, Floyd & Polk), ready to get started.


I questioned the size of the Amish Postage Stamp Quilt Blocks on John's Butcher Shop in Nappanee, Indiana. There has been a note added explaining that each of these are actually 8' x 8' and painted by the local artist Jeff Stillson. Thanks Sonya. Please visit:

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Susan said...

Great website! Good news on the Georgia barn quilts, thanks for sharing!