Saturday, January 2, 2010

World Contest...


On the Social Networking Site: , I have created a challenge for all Barn Quilt Trail Organizations, Art Associations, and individual Artists that have created a Barn Quilt (Quilt Barn). This is being called the 2010 Best of the Best, and submissions must be posted to the 2010 Best of the Best photo album on the web site.

Right now I do not see a reason to the restrict the choices to just those Quilt Blocks that have been created or hung this year (or last), but in order to have a manageable number of entries, I would like to ask that each organization, association or individual limit their entries to just one. The contest will evolve, and rules and restrictions may be suggested. I will not personally be eligible to participate in the contest.

I would like to promote the contest, and I will be soliciting ideas for prizes and recognition from all members of the Barn Quilting network on Ning.

I would love to hear all of your ideas and input (i.e.: different categories ?).

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