Thursday, June 11, 2009

Avery County Quilt Trail

A few days ago, I had a chance to sit down with LouAnn Morehouse at the Avery County Arts Council. LouAnn is the Executive Directer of the Arts Council, and they have a small gallery and office in Banner Elk, NC. This town is located in a county that can only be described as a mountain wonderland, and I have located most of the 40+ Barn Quilts that have popped up across the county over the past few years. Please take a moment to check out their Web Site at .

There were several interesting subjects that came up during our conversation. Two in particular I want to discuss here and on , but I only want to hint at them now. One is the subject of maps, directions, brochures, and information on telling someone where to find barn quilts. The other subject is the cost for organizations or individuals to start and maintain a Quilt Trail.

Please give these subjects some thought in the next few days. I would love it if someone would open a discussion at . This is: A network for those involved in the creation, construction, support, inspiration for or enjoyment of the Barn Quilt Arts Movement. Everyone is welcome.

Until I return next week (I have a couple more graduations to attend), I want to leave you with pictures from The Avery County Arts Trail. Click the Pic. to make it bigger...

Circle of Courage

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