Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here is a wonderful Barn Quilt (4 x 8 hanging on a fence), with a great story. I am not sure if you can see this from the road (Hwy 90 & Grey Gap Rd), but the Yellow Ribbon Trading Post would be worth a look-see if you are passin' thru Marrowbone, Ky.

My Quilt is named Trail of Tears...My family on my mothers side (Vera Franks-Ambroselli) is from Choctaw descent. Most of her trible had to leave Kentucky during the removals of the 1800's and were moved to Indian Reservations in Oklahoma. My Great Grandfather lived on the Indian Reservation in Oklahoma until age 3 then his family became workers for a share cropper and the children were Americanized by attending special schools for the Indians they had to wear uniforms and the boys had to cut there hair. The meaning of the colors in my quilt are: Blue-For the rivers, lakes and sky (Stands for sincerity and Happiness) Green-Represents the earth, the hills, trees and mountains (That provide food and substance. Red-Stands for War-(Long before the white man we lived upon the land for countless moons, in harmony with the Great Spirit, honoring all life around us) Black-stands for Power, White symbolizes the skies and spacious heavens. Our quilt is located at the Yellow Ribbon Trading Post.

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Thanks again for visiting with Grundy County yesterday! I wanted to share with you that we also have a blog. Its nothing fancy - but it has been convenient to upload photos and stories as needed!