Sunday, June 7, 2009

National Civil War Quilt Trail decorates Dover

Thanks to our friend Suzi Parron, I was able to locate a picture from the Stewart County Civil War Quilt Trail. You can read a short article at the Stewart County Public Library and another on the Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation newsletter from July 2008

The centerpiece of the National Civil War Quilt Trail is “Letitia’s Quilt,” inspired by local Civil War heroine Letitia Smith Walter. It was designed by her great-granddaughter and local artist, Carolyn Walter Darke, third from left above. Also pictured are Betsy Tumelson, third from right, who assisted in the painting of the quilt, and employees from CEMC (Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation), who helped raise and attach the 16-foot-by-16-foot quilt to the side of the Good Samaritan Center, 303 Donelson Parkway, in downtown Dover (Tn). On the left are Stephen Fitzhugh and Clint Marshall, and on the right are Donnie Burkhart and Steve Fielder.


Suzi Parron said...

Isn't this beautiful? Carolyn said it took about a year to paint!

I should add that it is the largest single square that I am aware of. There are some side by side 8 by 8s, but I have never seen a 16 by 16. Can wait to see it in person.

eagleeyes said...

This is AMAZING!! Love it. I especially like the symbolism that is represented in all the blocks. I can imagine that it took a year to paint. Lots of detail. WOW!