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The "first" barn quilt that was done in Adams County, Ohio was actually the Ohio Star on the Lewis Mountain Herbs and Everlastings gift shop, designed by Mark Lewis and Bill Brown (see previous post). In 2001, Donna Sue Groves along with friends Pete Whan and Elaine Collins, had the idea to organize a grass roots committee and paint more Quilt Blocks.

From the Adams County Travel and Visitors Bureau:

Adams County's "Clothesline of Quilts"
Donna Sue Groves had a dream to someday honor her mother with a large painting on their barn of her mother's passion, quilting. That one beautiful dream has now lead to more than the planned 21 quilt squares, throughout Adams County and beyond! Donna teamed up with the P.A.C.T. (Planning Adams County's Tomorrow) Organization & after applying& receiving a grant from the Ohio Arts Council, began the counties colorful display of historical quilt squares. The idea soon spread. The Adams County Chamber of Commerce made a contribution, along with several local businesses, and residence. Some of which, financed and designed their own square.


If you are looking for Suzi Parron's blog, it is:

Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail

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