Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alexander County, NC

Alexander County's Hiddenite Center announced several months ago that they were starting a Barn Quilt project. Last week I had an opportunity to stop by the old Lucas Mansion in Hiddenite, North Carolina, and I met with Allison Houchins. She is the part time Director of Education for the center, and a full time Barn Quilt supporter. Allison is directing much of the efforts to get the quilt blocks done. I was asking how much progress they had made, and found out that they had just hung the first seven quilt blocks, and that the webmaster was informed to add pictures and descriptions to the center's website ( and so it has been done.

The emphasis here is the actual historical quilts. These have been photographed, and images of the quilt, or a portion of the quilt is printed on two 4' x 8' panels that are hung on local barns. If you look closely at these images, the stitches and textures are evident, and the stories are being shared with the community. It's possible that this will lead to hand painted quilt blocks. For now these are real shared celebrations of the quilts that have been made and cherished by the families in Alexander County...

Quilted by Elsie Clark Linney around 1915

Quilted by Louisa Dacons Cass 1890 - 1900

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