Friday, July 3, 2009


I am sure that I need several new posts here as I catch up with my own blog. To start with, there have been several Barn Quilt alerts sent to me that I would like to share.

I have not made it to the book store yet, but look for "Quilters World Magazine". There is a story titled: TAKE A TRIP On the Beautiful Barn-Quilt Trail.

And wonderful youtube video of the Barn Quilts of Kankakee County (Illinois) at: [no longer available]

As a part of the Great Lakes Seaway Trail, is the Orleans County Country Barn Quilt Trail: A first-of-its-kind travel experience for New York State – a 22-mile loop tour off the Great Lakes Seaway Trail byway to see more than 40 quilt blocks painted on barns in the Town of Kendall. Travelers can follow a free audio tour accessible by cell phone or collect a map available at Seaway Trail Inc. member Partyka Farms Market at 1420 County Line Road, 3 miles south of the Seaway Trail.

Champaign County (Ohio) Barn Quilt Tour has a month-to month print-your-own calender of Barn Quilts. It's nice, especially if you want to start in July.

Heidi Kaisand of Hen and Chicks Quilt Studio has completed a Barn Quit with a friend, and she has pictures on her blog.

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