Monday, July 27, 2009

Alleghany County, NC

Another North Carolina county has joined the Quilt Trail community. Alleghany County is celebrating it's 150 anniversary. It lies in the North-North-West of the Carolinas and shares a border with Virginia. Ashe County to the West, and Wilkes County to the South, have their own Barn Quilt projects. Due to the efforts of the Alleghany County Quilters Guild and its president, Delta Peterson, there are now over 35 Quilt Blocks hung around the county, and they were all painted this year. I spoke with Ms Peterson last week at the annual quilt show and she is very enthusiastic about what the Quilters Guild has accomplished. These are all 2' x 2' or 4' x 4' Quilt Blocks. I have not seen the entire county, but what I have seen is beautiful and calls me back to explore some more. There is a new brochure that shows the first 35 patterns. You can also write or call Bob Bamberg at the Allegany County Chamber of Commerce (

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Nane said...

I am interested in putting a block on my barn, do you have any suggestions for materials and methods of hanging them?