Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Shores of Lake Michigan

About 30 miles due East of Green Bay, Wisconsin, on the shore of Lake Michigan is Kewaunee. The Kewaunee Area Chamber of Commerce (http://www.kewaunee.org/), is hosting the web page for the Kewaunee Area Barn Quilts. Beautiful pictures, of beautiful Barns and Barn Quilts, I could not help but notice that there is snow in more than half of the pictures.

On the far side of Lake Michigan, you can find Traverse City, Michigan, on what is known as the Mission Peninsula. It is there that you will find a new Barn Quilt Trail. A few years ago, retired school teacher Evelyn Johnson wrote a book about the Barns Of Old Mission Peninsula And Their Stories, and she is now spearheading a Quilt Trail project on the Peninsula. There was a story in yesterday's Traverse City's Record-Eagle. (click here for story), and they have pictures too (click here for pictures)...

... also see: http://iamsamiam.wordpress.com/2009/07/17/quilt-barns/

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Hazardgal said...

So glad you heard of our quilt block project in Perry County Kentucky. Our group's Facebook page, Art of the Mountains, has pictures of many we have already done. Please visit us there and you are free to post about us on your site. Hilly areas like ours may not have too many barns, so we are using other venues. Feel free to join our site too.